Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer, pastor Ruth Matete has revealed that she has struggled with self esteem issues for years.

According to the mother of one, the problem had always been her thinking that 'someone else was better than me. More beautiful than me. More talented than me. More loved than me.'

As a result she ended up sabotaging herself and dimming her own light.

However, that is water under the bridge now and she is impressed by the woman she has become.

"Looking at myself and the woman I have become, oh my goodness!! I don't wait to be applauded. I applaud myself I don't wait for somebody to pat me on the back! I pat my own damn self!! Like..Luxo.. You made it.

You came this far!! You're strong!! You're beautiful!! You're amazing!!I don't compete with anybody. I compete with my yesterday self. I wanna be a better version of me each day." Her post read in part.

Sharing a photo from her third trimester, Matete narrated how she hard it rough adding that she is grateful for making it through that season.

As I look at this photo right here, I remember days I could not sleep for 4 hours uninterrupted, coz I kept waking up to go use the wash room (kususu)

My goodness!! That last trimester is not funny at allπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . But I made it through that season. Look, however small it may seem in your eyes, you're doing a great job at being strong. Congratulate yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself.. You got this. I am rooting for you