Eric Omondi has been body-shamed for pretty much most of his life.

In as much as the words pierced deep, he never let it negatively affect him, instead using the comments to turn it into content. them. And as you have seen in the last couple of months, that has given him content.

Including his beef with Khaligraph Jones. Which we can see has now become banter. I mean is a coffin necessary? And a grave?

But the content must be made and people are enjoying the banter.

Taking to social media, Eric Omondi said that it is now time for back up. Especially to those who mocked him when he was smaller, before the milk and gym time.

'Zile matusi zote niliwahi tusiwa nikiwa Skinny, Zile Madharau zote nilionyeshwa, ZOTE NTALIPISHA 23RD FEBRUARY. Omollo will Pay for all those SINS🥊🥊😡😡" The president of comedy said

Now Eric is in the category of those who have guns, the likes of Njugush.

As we speak, they are planning to have a fight head to head with Papa Jones to determine who is tougher now, or is it stronger?

But the OG still remains OG.