After we were done and dusted with the whole year which was January, finally guys are ready to loosen up kiasi financially.

That means more sherehe in and outside Nairobi as we hope the only panemic we are going to experience this year will be riches and prosperity.

So what are you planning to do this weekend sherehe-wise? There is a buffet of events to choose from.

Reggae Fridays, Mugithi and even some Sol generation weekend are all on the menu.

Check out some of the events you should be planning to attend this weekend guys.

1. Thrift Social summer fest with Bensoul, Nviiri and Mejja

2. Park and chill with Pierra Makena

3. Reggae Fridays at Ambo Gardens with Jeffrey Jeff

4. Kifaru cultural night featuring Samidoh and Ken Wa Maria

5. Straight fire Nyeri road trip with DJ Kym