The first weekend of February is finally here and if there is someone who wants you to conscious of expenditure is Jalang'o.

Focusing on the boy child, Jalang'o reminded them that before they make bad financial decisions, they should not try to compete with their peers, not knowing what they earn.

"Let's be honest we are not all earning the same so do not compete with people not knowing what they earn or who or where they get their money, that is number one." Said Jalas.


He added,

Do not be influenced na hii mbio ya twende Naivasha, wewe na your hundred thao yako ndio rent ndio chakula yako ndio transport ndio kila kitu. Ukipita tu the great wall of Kinoo you won't spend less than 40k.

Ukiweka fuel, accommodation food and drinks unless you want to tag along uende ukalale kwa gari.

Jalang'o who went on to break down the weekend budget, from hiring a car, fueling it, accommodation in Naivasha to food and drinks, the estimated budget accumulated to Sh40,000.

That was not all as he added that the same person would be sad upon getting back to Nairobi, knowing very well they haven't paid their monthly rent, bought household items and set aside transport money.

This is a class definition of biting more than you can chew or rather not living within their means.