Kamene and jalas
Kamene and jalas

Being a Furahiday you know how the vibes are always are in studio with Kamene and Jalas.

Jalang'o kick started a very interesting conversation by asking what Kamene would do, say when a man 'decides they will take care of your bills from school fees and all, then you go to college and after you are done you decide it was not worth it.'

Even before she answered, Jalang'o urged people to not promise what they can't give.

The conversation then changed and it shifted to a club setting where a random man decides to buy a random lady a bottle of booze, expecting something in return.

"People are out there having a good time and kaboom! Someone sends a boti to your table and the first thing you ask the waiter is who delivered and the guy will give a thumbs up." Jalas said.

But what is the most appropriate thing a wise lady should do?

Do not start enjoying immediately, then from the fact you guys accepted the drink he will come and join you.

Number one, If a drink is being sent to your table, ask 'who asked you to send it?' Then ask what do you want in return for your generosity?'

Ladies how is that for a weekend advise?