Launch of After Shave By Flair
Launch of After Shave By Flair
Image: Moses Mwangi

Would you pay Sh800 for a haircut?

That is the question in many people's mouths after Betty Kyallo revealed that, that is how much you will part with for a haircut in her newly opened After Shave By Flair barbershop.

On Thursday, the entrepreneur tweeted thanking lawyer, Donald Kipkorir for passing by to support her biashara by getting a haircut.

That is when one curious fan wanted to know how much she charges for a haircut, with the media personality replying; 'Haircut is Ksh 800'' 


The disclosure led to a wide range of reactions on Twitter with many exclaiming that it's expensive.

Check out some of them below;

Mugo wa Mwaura: 800?? Enda unyoe vichwa vya habari.

Kinyua: 800 kwani nywele haitawai mea tena

Kenwells: Iyo hata ni shida bado.... Mia nane ni kichwa ntafanyia kazi ama mdomo?

Stanley Msake: Ksh 800 na uko na chance ya kuona Betty live live makes some sense.

Felix Olale: Ksh 800 is enough for two haircuts and a scrap in my usual place.

Sadist: Mia nane kunyolewa...heri nimwagilie petro alafu niwashe kiberiti..nywele ikiungua yote nizime

Kurui: Let's be positive about it.. if you cannot afford it.. relax, there are many people out there who affords it.. as much as you pay 50 bob doesn't mean someone else will afford it for the same service.. thank you


Collo: Hiyo huku kwetu kwa Ndege.... Kinyozi 100 Konyagi 600 Chaser 50 Mutura 50

Kenyan bern: Hiyo ni bei ya smiti Moja??? I shave once a week that means 800*4 *12months =Ksh 38,400....... In a year I will have spent bei ya simiti 51 na msimari kilo mbili...