The Bahati's have decided to go all out this valentines day. Okay who am  I kidding, they're always too extra.

But we enjoy watching them buy cars and land and playing games to keep their relationship exciting.

The last seven days have been interesting in their lives. Bahati promised to give Diana a gift every day for the next 14 days, up until Valentine's Day.

On day number 7, Bahati got emotional saying that the way Diana loved him is the closest thing to a mother s love. A love that he yearns for.


"I Remember When I started Dating @Diana_marua I once told her Babe "I Wish you Can Love Me Like My Mother " 😭 ...This is Because I had grown up in a Children's home set up and as an Orphan, I always wished I had someone to Call Mum. Every one no matter how old; still Yearns for some Mother's Love ❀And so these Days When "They" Call me Mtoto wa Diana I take No offence because This Girl here is Still the Clossest Typa Love I have had to My Mama's πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΉπŸ˜­πŸ™ #RIPmama."