One of the most anticipated weeks is here, yes the week leading up to Valentine's day.

The excitement was already in the air for lovers soon as we were done with January, in anticipation for what will unfold on that day.

Jalas this morning painted a picture of how men are normally seen running across Nairobi streets carrying flowers, while ladies rock red attires from head to toes.

"Go ahead and proclaim love that time, for new love, if you have things that have shaken things up kiasi and also have a small budget for that." Jalas said.

Kamene on the other hand, will not be all excited coming Sunday and is not expecting anything much on that day.

Kamene said;

As a chic it used to be a big deal but this time I am not expecting much. Also for some that is the day you realize you are not his main chic because maybe umevaa ready for proposal then mandem anakupeleka nyama pale Tamasha.

Her main question was; Is Valentine's day really an overplayed holiday?

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

Agrrey: Everyday is Valentine's usiniletee mambo ya Sunday

Dorothy: Nitakuwa busy church singing

Ken: Maua zimemnyeshewa zikaharibika

Dislocator said: Mimi leo nimeamka place different, kesho mwingine Wednesday ivo ivo because Sunday sioatikani!