It is not easy to celebrate love when you do not have someone to physically love.

Tedd Josiah's late wife,  Regina Katar passed on in 2017 and since then it has not been easy for him. Not only for losing the love of his life but also because he had to take up the role of a mother and father in their daughter's life.

February always reminds one of love or lack thereof and it can be tough. This is the week of Valentine's Day and as much as it has lost meaning to many people, Tedd still acknowledges this day even without his wife. All for his daughter.

"Valentine's week day 1. What does love mean to you? Love to me is forever ♾ is through the rain, through the pain, through the happy times and even when you’re gone I will still keep your memories and legacy alive. To be loved 🥰 by an angel 👼🏼 who is now watching over us from heaven is a beautiful thing. For those who cannot deal with the anatomy of grief & loss, for those who find it easy to say “move on” as if women are commodities or milk on a supermarket shelf please think 🤔 again. A person is much more than flesh and blood, a person is a spirit a soul and a legacy. I will keep the legacy alive as long as am alive and keep her daughter safe and secure until she can take on the lions tigers and bears of this world. LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😂#RaisingJay #TheManMom." Tedd captioned a picture of him and his late wife.

What does Valentine's Day mean for you?