Eric Omondi is one of the most sought after comedians in Africa so that just equals to good money.

But from what he told Massawe, the money is all from endorsements and adverts but none of it is from Churchill.

This discussion came about because there have been so many cases of comedians alleging they have been mistreated under his management.  And social media court has judged him harshly.

"Churchill has never called anyone to join the show. He always gives us a house to sell your craft. Churchill has never paid me any coin. For three seasons and I did not want the money, but by the time I was finishing the first season, I was already making millions. I got adverts and earned from that." Eric said

Adding that after he bought his first car, some comedians said he was favored by the show's boss.

"Churchill was the number-one show watched in Kenya, and so I used that platform to create my name. I could not be known if he did not give me the platform to sell my name. He sold my name and it is very unfair when I see comedians saying they are being used by Churchill. You are not being used, they are using Churchill."

Churchill has addressed this issue before with so much emotion into it saying there is only so much he can do which is giving you a platform. The rest is really up to you.