Bahati made a few people upset and others excited after he decided to sit down and get a whole face beat.

This was all courtesy of his wife, Diana Marua, who has been on a Valentines day challenge to give 14 gifts for the 14 days to Valentine's Day.

And one of the gifts was for Diana to give him a serious face beat. Like full makeup from head to toe.

Manz had a wig, lashes and a dress. Also, can we acknowledge the fact that gym session is working for him. The dress just brought out the guns.



Anyway, back to this makeup thingy. Eddie Butita who is a comedian and can get away with anything has bluntly said it about wearing makeup; catch him dead.

"That was part [email protected] umeamua hivo 😂😂😂 mimi siku ile mtaona nimefanya hivi mnipige wasee, nimewapee ruhusa." Eddie shared

The comments under this post were harsh. Many people said if getting a face beat is what we call love, they would rather stay without being in a relationship.