The blessing of baby Muraya Jnr is something that Size 8 and DJ Mo will never forget and will always be thankful for.

If you remember, Size 8 went through a whole lot to the point she almost lost her life. 

She was rushed to the hospital weeks before her due date after she started convulsing and experiencing pain in her uterus while at home. Her medical condition according to doctor recommendation was to do an emergency CS.

The fact that Size 8 was able to deliver her son in as much as the pregnancy was heavy, she is grateful. Before Muraya Jnr, she had gone through a miscarriage so her son, is a blessing.


Taking to social media years later, she said she still looks at her son and calls him a blessing.

"I thank God for my miracle @muraya.jnr and honestly I have a lot more to be grateful to God for. I am just in awe of who He is and what He has done. Elohim the living God my Father thru Jesus Christ His son."

We have not heard Size 8 or DJ Mo talk about another child, but based on the complications and experience she had with her last pregnancy, I really do not know. But God is the master of it all.