This morning, Kamene Goro shocked many when she revealed that she has never boarded a matatu in her entire life.

Well let us not forget Menje is from the suburbs where matatus are not a familiar mode of transportation.

This was revealed after Jalas alleged that his colleague tends to have a thing against Mathree and Kiambu road.

"Ni nini mathree na Kiambu road zilikukosea?" Jalang'o asked.

To which Kamene answered;

"I have never been in one so I can never say I don't like them." Kamene answered before realizing she had let the cat out of the bag.

It is at that moment that Jalang'o offered to give Kamene a simple matatu experience.

Can I organize one? Wachana na hizo za Rongai unataka kutoka hizo kama umeenda hosi? The best matatu kupanda ni hizi za Star Bus tunachukua hapa nje twende hadi Westlands roundabout."

Should the two go for that Matatu ride, be assured that we will keep you posted on the experience.