Priyanka Chopra was introduced to us as the main lead in the Tv hit series Quantico. 

She played that role so well the series was trending for a pretty long time. We loved it. But she struggled before breaking into the Hollywood scene.

Speaking on The One Show on Monday, Priyanka said that she eventually became the first South Asian national to land the lead part in an American TV show.

"I started doing music in America first. I was signed to Interscope records, I put out a couple of records, but the music was just, to me it just didn't live up to my creative standards. 

So I pivoted into what I knew best, which was acting and when I started looking for the parts I wanted to do in Hollywood, I realised that I don't think people could understand the concept of having a brown leading lady or man in mainstream entertainment."

Priyanka continued saying it was all strange for her.

"'I don't mean genre movies, I don't mean independent cinema, but I mean mainstream Hollywood movies and shows. That conceptually was strange for me but it was also an impetus to demand something different. I had a lot of faith on what I could bring to the table, I know what I could do when I got onto a set and I just wanted the opportunity be on one."

She has been in many more top selling movies in Hollywood and another plus is she married Nick Jonas and they are so cute together.

Lesson, don't give up. If you know you can do it go for it and don't let anything stop you. The best is coming.