A while ago, Jalang'o asked listeners whether the ones who sent them flowers last year will still be the same ones sending them this year.

"Will the recipient also be the same ama ume move on?" Jalang'o asked.

This morning, as the count down to Valentine's day intensifies, a topic that came up is that of ladies who send themselves flowers for the fear of missing out.

Bothered by the extent which women go to, to not look like they didn't miss out, jalang'o asked;

"Ni pressure ama ni nini? So uko kwa ofisi hapo nje kuna watu wengi, Valentines is on a Friday, maua zimekam na sasa wewe Kamene yako haijafika umekauka.

Would you rather send yourself a flower or not receive?

To which Kamene answered;

"Honesty I would rather not receive because sending myself flowers is a bit psycho.

Nijibuyie vitu zitakufa in a few days? Eti I go online I order myself some lilies and a message? Heri nijinunulie pombe."

Ladies are you surprising yourselves with flowers with flowers this time or are you lucky it fall on a Sunday?