Babu Owino on Kiss studio
Babu Owino on Kiss studio

Away from his political shenanigans, Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino is a charming and loving husband to his wife Fridah Ongili.

Blessed with two adorable kids, Babu and Fridah have been married for 11 years.

But what has been the secret behind their successful marriage? 

"As babu i am loving husband and responsible father to my kids, personally having a wife I thank her for standing by me and I reciprocate by loving her." Babu said.

The trained Lawyer went on to give lovers a few tips on how to keep their relationships fun and fresh.

To men treat your women nicely, take her for coffee dates, lunch dates, treat her like the first day you two met, and she will be loyal to you.

Appreciate her beauty, her hair communicate with her, ask her if she has eaten, create time to discuss issues. also have sex outside your house.

You can do trips because those are things other men will entice her with but above all believe in the almighty God.

Babu also had some wise words for the ladies in relationships;

To the ladies; Appreciate your men do not be the bossy lady. Men also need attention. Postpone the fights until you calm down, have pillow talks, cook for your man, wash his clothes.

My wife at times puts on my clothes so what is the problem with her washing them? I have been with my wife for 11 years and I want us to go for 90 years.

Babu Owino in Kiss studios
Babu Owino in Kiss studios