Guy's it is 2021 and Bahati and Willy Paul still have beef. 

This started before Bahati was a father and now all his children can walk and talk. Yes, it has been that long. But hey...they know best

Eric Omondi started a show that is aired on the toilet seat and all they talk about there is sh*t and they flash what they need to be and the shade Mr. Pozee was throwing needs to be flashed.

He has trolled Bahati about his voice saying it sounds like a cat. The singer even goes ahead and imitates Bahati on how he sings.


”Bahati wewe ni paka because of ya ako ka sound.” Willy Paul throws shade

Since they both love controversy, Bahati was quick to respond to that short snippet of the video posted on Instagram.

”Aaah Érico you brought My Biggest Fan to Your Show. I Love the Way she has Crammed my Songs.” He commented

Manz is now immune to trolls. He has gone through so much hate he has developed a mechanism, just be positive. Kill them with kindness.

Even with all the hate, he has been getting online after coming out in a full face beat. It did not go well, but he remains positive.