If you have been a follower of Ms. Ella Inspired from her days on Nairobi Diaries to the days she was a TV host, then you know she is always the one to light up a room.

With drama or just some banter.

But this time, we have seen a side of her that needs our sympathy. Taking to social media she opened up about the loss of her father and how she has been trying to cope with grief.

To help Ella and others who are experiencing grief, she decided to give out the clothes that belonged to her father as a means of healing.

"In memory of my father I would like to donate the clothes that brought us so much happiness, but somehow remind us of nothing but pain. This is me asking anyone who has lost someone and is having a hard time letting go to talk to me .. I'm not okay and this year it's hard. I'm taking donations of house items clothing items and anything from the big to small and the names of the souls we lost. Let's never forget them because I don't feel they get forgot us happy birthday Dad."

She has recived a lot of support from her fans who also agreed to donate their clothes as a sign of healing.