With just four days to Valentine's day, the big question today on the morning kiss was; Why will you be alone?
Is it lack of infrastructure? Poor roads or market instability?

What we know is that our very own Menje will be alone just like millions of other Kenyan chics.

But why?

"They (men) have financial woes because they cant afford to give me the valentines I want.

I also gave up on love because there is no man I have met who wants love from me, they just want katiba and money." Kamene said.

As for her colleague Jalas, he 'will be with Jaber dinner like this will work, I will play like myself.'

Below are some of the various reasons Kenyans gave as to why they will be single and alone on Valentine's day.

Caleb George: Mimi sina mtu

Namachanja: Tumefanya specialized search main chic amepotea

MC Kalunji: My girl has left me for greener pastures 

Oteroh: Lack of infrastructure, attack from neighboring communities

Manodeh: My relationship didn't work last year na can't force things iyo day nitakuwa na caretaker tukiosha plot tu

Lance Powell: am gonna remain alone this valentine since there's no-one worth spending the valentines day with