The day started on a high note on the morning kiss.

Kamene read one woman's ordeal who saw her 15 years of marriage and investments go down the drain, all thanks to a mpango wa kando.

This woman was introduced to a lady 'family friend' three years ago and little did she know she would overthrow the government.

After the couple was done building their dream home, the man organized the house warming party and he moved in with his mpango wa kando and their children.

The woman as we speak is on the brink of depression and feels she wasted 5 years of her life.

Speaking of introducing your mpango wa kando to the main, Kamene narrated how she once found herself in a similar situation.

"So me and some guy dated and it seemed like it would go somewhere and every single rieng with this guy, this particular chic would turn up. One day akalewa akaropokwa and she told me "Kamene unajionanga sana you don't know we have been co-sharing."  

She added;

The audacity is a pandemic this is not a new thing.

Contributing to the discussion, Baba Zuri said;

The reason we are doing this is because these ladies come, hurt us and move on, so tumeamua hakuna kuficha ka mbaya mbaya.

Another male caller said; Hii kitu si mgeni, I dated a chic whereby they knew each other and mmoja alijua main chic and the other knew she is my friend.

Jalang'o who was left shocked by that story, had a parting shot message for such women.

"But even a woman who knows the other woman is married and still has the audacity of entering the house..wanawake kama hao washindwe kabisa." He said.