Anything for clout, anything for numbers ama namna gani my friend?

So Bahati recently shared a video that is doing rounds of his wife Diana Marua and his baby mama - though she hates that name - Yvette Obura hugging.

In as much as the two ladies have occasionally said that there is no drama or beef between them, we know there is tension. It is obvious even in the video Bahati shared.

Mueni Bahati, his first-born and daughter with Yvette spends a lot of time in Diana's home but when it is school time, she returns home. 


Yvette mentioned in a recent interview that she does talk to Diana but only about Mueni. From the video, it looks like there is more, as much as we can clearly tell the baby girl is being dropped off to her mother.

Yvette tells Diana to wear a sweater because, well, it is cold. I would not tell someone I do not care about to keep warm. Or would you?

Yvette Obura 2
Yvette Obura 2

That was a clear sign there is more to their relationship and it makes Bahati happy. Captioning that video he said,

"True Love Lives Here ❀❀❀ Thank You Mama Heav & Mama Mueni for this GestureπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ May God Bless both of You πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ And To @Mueni_Bahati Daddy is Proud of You 😍"

Watch the video below and be the judge;