Can we just give it up to Crazy Kennar and his team? These guys work tirelessly to make us happy with skits that we can all relate to.

They blew up last year when all we had was time because, well, quarantine. We had a lot of time to consume content and he did a good job to make it very interesting.

Now manz is bagging endorsements and shout outs.

The Morning Kiss duo, Kamene and Jalas started a tradition where they take a picture before they start the show for it to be used on social media.



Some days, Jalas would step on the studio walls with Kamene's hand on his shoulder and vice versa, something which has become their signature pose.

Kennar who clearly has been studying this routine partnered with fellow content creator Shee Africas, as the two uniquely and perfectly impersonated the Kamene and Jalas. Watch the video below:

Speaking on the Morning Kiss this morning, Kamene and Jalas gave him and his team a massive shout out for the video.

"Crazy Kennar is coming for me. Yesterday he put up a video of the way we take pictures every morning here on this wall. And he dressed me in high heels. Kennar, umama utawacha." Jalas said

Remember Kennar did something similar where he dissed Jalas for having one dance style.

"Let us be honest. Kennar got it so right I mean we do it exactly like that especially the way the chic is making her hair looking at her hair. That is what I do when I am looking at the small window pale kwa mlango." Kamene added laughing out loud

Jalas urged their listeners to go watch and support Kennar and his team's content. But the one concern Kamene had was,

"I was even wondering, did he get footage from the studio? He got it so right."