Are you the kind of people who are always first to run to report that your friend's partner is cheating?

Do you always find yourself in the middle of 'mushene' between a couple? The big question is, if minding your own business had a price, what is your worth?

"I personally guarantee you, if you are a married man and I see you with a chic that is not your wife, natafuta wife na nmseti kwa mtu mwingine." Kamene vowed before Jalas advised her against doing so.

He said;

One of the things I want to talk to you about, mapenzi ya wenyewe wachana nayo, unaenda ku seti mtu bibi yake anakushow, 'namjua' fagia kwako.

If minding your business is a price what is your worth? Uta end up kukaa mjinga.

.Jalang'o's sentiments were echoed by a few callers whi have since vowed to never meddle into people's relationships, after learning the hard way.

One male caller said; My best friend's girl called me to say that her man has been nyemelearing her friend. Mimi na kiherehere yangu nilimshow acheze chini hatawahi change na atafute mwingine.

Dame alipeleka ujumbe kwa jamaa hapo jamaa akaniambia atanifunza adabu. Since then I neither see no evil nor hear no evil.

Namachanja said: Relationship za wenyewe chorea, wanaweza kuwa wana cuddle usiku wakikucheka.

Dominic: Kamene you are right you can't save the world but you are doing it wrong.