Ladies and gentlemen, has your significant other started showing some weird signs ahead of Valentine's day?

Has he already started singing the 'I will be in shagzz' song or is she busy reminding you how Sundays are 'salon days?' I have news for you, those are signs and symptoms that they won't be with you on Valentine's day.

"How is he behaving ahead of valentine's day?" Kamene asked. Ukiona dem ameanza kujam na wewe this week 'yaani you don't understand me,' ukiona tutabia usibuy vitu jua kuna mwingine atabuy.

She added:

Ukianza kuskia eti Valentine's day is overrated me I love you everyday, jua wewe ndio uko overrated. Ukiona ma texts haziko replied on time pole sana.

Jalang'o also had a few tips for the ladies as he looks to alert them as early as now.

Gyaldem ukianza kuskia eti jamaa anashughulikia tubiashara, jua umerukwa.

Wuod Sarah said he is already getting blue ticks and cannot understand where he went wrong.

Edwin from Eldoret said; Nakuambia asubuhi nimetextiana 'Good morning babe' nikaambiwa goodmorning nikashindwa babe imeenda wapi.

As we digest that, below are some of the excuses your lover might pull on you come Sunday.

Stay woke.