Menje and Jalas
Menje and Jalas

What does your lover bring to the table? Is that why you are with her or are you with her just because of her body.

In fact Kamene's question was; 'Are you with her because of her body or because you genuinely love her and she brings more to the table than her body?'

With a touching question like that, it was obvious men would open up and some of their answers are just bizzare.

Below are some of their answers;

Kipkatet: Cause she makes me feel better as I do for her it's a two way street RESPECT iOS what it's all about

Feloz: Maze love joh

Nyakoe: Because she is easily available.

Index Guru: What she brings to the table. Very supportive.

Jeremies Kanu: She is a genuine, honest & prayerful girl, Plus i can't rule out her looks.

Mtu Imara: How about her is she with me because of my money?.