To some, when you buy a new car, it  instantly becomes a part of you to a point you'd even sleep in it.

But for our very own Jalang'o, he had a totally different experience with his newly acquired, Toyota Starlet, KAU 003K car, a few years back.

Jalang'o who was living in Kasarani back then, narrated how he left to town with his new baby for some hustles here and there, only to forget his car in town and board a matatu back home.

That time I was living in Kasarani mimi huyo gari ni mpya nimefika tao nime park shughli za hapa na pale.

Baada ya shughuli, mimi huyo pale 17B sasa kufika pale Ruaraka naskia kuna kitu mbaya, kuna kitu nimesahau, nilipga nduru kwa mat, 'shukisha! nani! Nimewacha gari yangu town.!' Jalang'o hilariously narrated, leaving Kamene in stitches.

Have you found yourself in such a situation ama tukuulize in a few year's time?