Pull a chair and learn from the best when it comes to love. It can only be Nameless and Wahu daah.

These two have been together for 25 years in the public eye and they are still in love with no scandal.

Today on the Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas, the couple came to promote their songs, 'This Love'.

And just as they were making conversation with the breakfast hosts, Nameless called his wife 'huyu'. Kamene who we know loves to be loved and treated like a queen was shocked.



She asked him why he would call her that as opposed to all the sweet pet names. Nameless was clear that with time those pet names fade and it the reality.

Wahu jumped in agreeing with her manz saying she has never understood those women who call their husbands 'my king'.

"I can not call him my king. My king is Jesus. I have never understood those ladies who call their men that. Like no one can come above Jesus who is my true King." Wahu said

So can he call her his queen, Jalas asked.

"I can call her my queen but when I am trying to make a point on something in those lines of love. But to be honest the most I can do is babe ama babes" Nameless said

"But that is for everyone." A shocked Kamene said. This is true because we hear her use it often and I am sure you do too.

Nameless then told us what pet name he calls her.

"The deepest I can go is call her boo boo when I want something. But I can call her, my princess and my queen but very rare."

Laughing, Wahu added that,

"When he calls me my queen I know kuna jambo I start questioning what is happening here."

So ladies - because I know we are victims of this- those pet names do not define how much he loves you.