We now celebrate Diamond Platnumz as one of the richest East African artistes but fam, before he made it to that list, it took him hard work, sweat, tears and money. that he did not have.

Speaking during a recent interview, he revealed that the collabo with Nigerian singer Davido 'Number One' remix cost him a lot of money. All for gaining a fan base in West Africa.

We have to agree manz very smart. But to make money, you have to spend money.


“Before doing the first video version of Number One at Ogopa Djs in Nairobi, my video cost used to be about KSh 326, 000 per video. With Number One, I went ten times higher and spent KSh 3.3 million or thereabout to fly Ogopa Djs video crew to Cape Town, South Africa, and shoot my video. The outcome was amazing, and that gave me the green light to approach Davido for a remix,” Diamond said. 

Adding that he had to take a loan to fulfill this dream.

“I took loans from Tanzania banks to finance my video and collaboration with Davido in Lagos because I had to travel there with my crew.”

The collabo with Davido now at 43 million-plus views opened doors for him and a new market  plus opportunities which gave him more money. That is how Diamond managed to open his label WCB.

Today we celebrate Mr. Platnumz and just like he spent money to work with Davido, artistes are now spending crazy amounts of money to work with him. 

If Diamond is in your song, best believe it will elevate you.