Janet Mbugua left so many in shock when she announced she is leaving Citizen TV. She was at the peak of her journalism career then.

But when motherhood calls, you answer with no hesitation. It has been over three years since she quit her job as an anchor.

Why? Well by then she was doing so much and she felt it was all very overwhelming so she decided to take a back seat.

The media personality made her first appearance on TV in season 3 of the Kenyan drama series, Monica. Yes, it is not news. Ha!


Her first debut was yesterday, Thursday, February 11 where she plays Jesse, a woman so fierce and so powerful. Jesse will come in as a new deputy governor, a position that is being eyed by the main character 'Monica'.

“What I admire about Jesse is that she doesn’t really put her cards on the table. She’s fierce but she wouldn’t necessarily show you that she’s trying to take control. Nothing fazes her, she’s perfected the art of looking together even when she’s not, and it’s kind of hard not to be drawn to her. But she also has her own skeletons." Janet said

She will be joining the likes of Brenda Wairimu and Ephy Saint to bring more drama to the show. You do not want to miss this.

Welcome back Ms.Mbugua, we missed you.