nameless and wahu
nameless and wahu

This morning, entertainment power couple, Nameless and Wahu paid us a visit, to promote their new songs; This love ya Wahu and This love ya Nameless.

The two had a great time with Kamene and Jalas as they engaged in a candid chat about the societal pressures that has since weighed on the youth.

The two revealed that to cope with the pressures which mostly comes from social media, they teach their girls how to be independent thinkers.

"Social media gives additional pressure." Nameless said.

Society gives us pressure and it tells us what we should do and if you don't you feel like you are failing. For our kids we teach them independent thinking because that is one skill that is going to be more important in this generation of social media.

The father of two added,

For me when I look at the youth, the pressure that comes from social media you have to be independent on what you think. You need to be in that space where you know it's not gonna be easy and I don't think we are trained to deal with failure that is why when you fail things fall apart.

His lovely wife, Wahu was also oozing wisdom regarding the topic as she revealed that she was hella broke when she sang the popular 'sitishiki' song.

"When I wrote sitishiki I was in my early 20 and broke and there was an older man with a UN job .... I was like watch me when I'm in your age." Wahu said.

I tell girls don't worry you don't have to have it all in one go. Rome was not built in one day, it was built everyday. "