Weh, Kush Tracey is mad at the trolls who come for her personal life and she has a very strong message for you. She is still saved.

A few years ago, she announced that she is saved and this after she ended things with Timmy T Dat. Of course, when you hear one sheep has been found and is now in the kingdom of God, it is a celebration.

But months after releasing a gospel song, she went back secular after landing a TV gig. And people on social media came at her. Not only for the music but also for how she dressed.

Then a few weeks ago, Kush Tracey was spotted in a club turning up heavy during one of Jalang'os club hosting events.


That sparked more conversations. A saved girl in the club?

Speaking to Violetta Ngina on Jalang'o Xtra, Kush said she is still very much saved, just on a journey.

"At the end of the day, everyone is always going to judge you. One way or the other. Probably you do not like my hair, my shoes, my make up, etc. There is always something to say.

When it comes to God I have always said, I can not have an argument with a human being in regards to God. Who are you to argue with about God?

So I am very much saved if you are concerned it's just that I am not 100% yet but I  am headed there. It is a journey it is a process."

Adding that it is not that easy to just let go of worldly pleasures.

"You can't just drop everything. It is hard, sometimes you will get tempted. But at the end of the day, your intention, what you want and if you understand what God wants you to do.


Because by the time you choose to get saved there is a lot of conviction and though, you just do not do it. There are so many things that happen in your mind in your heart and spirit, you just do not go telling everyone. "

Concluding that,

"So like I said, my path and destiny are aligned to God, to Jesus and Christianity. For now, take what is good, and leave what is bad. " Kush said