Tedd Josiah has been filling us in on what love means to him as he counts down 14 days to Valentine's Day.

He told us about being a single father, losing the love of his life Regina and today, he is expressing his love for his two babies, Jay Jay and his business.

Taking to social media, he posted a picture of him, his daughter and a sample of a bag from his business.

"Expressions of love 💕.

In this photo, you might see one baby in need of their parent and clinging on to them for safety but in actuality there’s 2 babies here and they both need my [email protected] became my way to put food on my child’s table and the ONLY WAY! But it also became an infant in need of constant attention, needing nurturing, needing love, needing time, needing to grow..... and most of all like JayJay, jokajok has become a legacy of love left for me to raise & never flop while doing so." Tedd shared

Adding that he respects single mothers who are also entrepreneurs.

"When I see single working mothers working on their entrepreneurial projects and raising children I tip my hats off for them cause it’s a tough journey.But love is, loving yourself enough to know never to give up on yourself your dreams and your babiesLIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😂#RaisingJay #TheManMom."