Huddah Monroe is not in a hurry to settle down and have a family. 

She has dreams, ambitions and goals. That is what she is looking forward to some money. 

Not that she does not want to have children one day, it is just not in her plans anytime soon.

During the famous 'ask me a question' segment, a follower asked her,

"When are you planning to have a baby…I mean Kuzaa?"

To which Huddah replied saying,

“I have seen this question a million times. Is this y’all biggest dream in life? No achievements? No goals. Babies. Lol! They all came at their own time. No rush.”

Ms. Monroe was very open during her QnA session she even revealed she got rid of her implants.

“I no longer have the implants. These are my real ones… I regret doing it coz it’s of a lot of things. I will speak on it when I have time on my Onlyfans.”

Yap! You have to pay to hear what she has to say.

We need to know why because she really embraced them on social media in as much they came with a few issues in the beginning.


Another shocking revelation was that she actually regrets having gone through that procedure. It was all for a man and not for her. The moral of the story do only what makes you happy.