The sister relationship between Betty Kyallo and her youngest sibling, Gloria Kyallo is beyond a family bond. It is friendship.

And you can clearly see that on Betty's social media platforms. They have a very solid relationship. If you have also seen them outside social media, you will almost always see them smiling and laughing.

Taking to social media as Betty celebrates Gloria turning 20, she listed a few reasons why she loves her and what stood out for me was the mention of her daughter, Ivanna.

"Happy birthday to my youngest sister @gloria_kyallo you are a cut above the rest. You are so sweet and gentle. You listen and you’re always there for all of us. You are kind and you bring joy to our lives. You are smart, very smart. You stand your ground and you are unapologetically yourself. I love you so much for the light you bring to the world. How you love Ivanna, how you care for everyone in your life, how you appreciate the joy that animals bring. You are a star and you’re shining so bright. I see you! We see you. Now go forth and continue being great! Happy 20th."

I think it safe to say, Gloria is Ms. Kyallo's closest sibling. Or what do you think?