I do not know about you, but I think Njugush and  Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye are the other perfect example of couple goals.

Especially because these two hold each other down when it comes to the hustle. It is not always just about love, but about complementing each other towards growth.

Anyway, Valentines' Day is here, a day some were dreading because they have no one to share it with. But let me tell you., self-love is also a thing.

And to celebrate this day and what it means, Njugush took to social media with a very sweet message to his wife, Cele - as Tugi, their son, likes to call her.



"Happy 10th Anniversary and Valentines' it's been glow up after glow up!!!! @celestinendinda thanks for always being there and believing in the process....for that I'll find no other!!! Super boss lady thanks for gotting me yani ...rare kind." Njugush captioned pictures of their journey to the 10th year.

From the pictures, you can clearly see that Njugush and Wakavinye stuck to each other through their worst and best. They have told us stories of how there are days they had nothing, especially Njugush, but that did not break them up.

Replying to this cute post, Cele went ahead and posted a cute picture of them with the cutest caption with words of affirmation. Could this be their love language?

"loving you was the best decision ever. Happy Valentines Tim😘.Leo sasa siucheze kama wewe 🤣🤣 hata kama ni mutura aki itaweza🙈."

One thing you also have to love about them is Wakavinye still laughs at his jokes hysterically. I call that love.

Happy Valentines Day!