Weh! Dear millennials, let us learn from Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony Gichuru's kind of love. 

We thought Nameless and Wahu are the winners when it comes to celebrity long-lasting marriages, but the Gichuru's have it too. 22 years and counting.

Taking to social media this Valentine's Day, Julie came in as a mother, a sister and a bestie to let us know that the 14th of February should be more than declaring romance and buying material things.

"22 years of love 🙏🤩It's not about a day of romance or material things. It is about friendship and respect. Laughing together. Praying together. Understanding each other, well. Supporting and encouraging each other. Comforting and strengthening each other. Respecting each other. ❤Love is not static, it is a continuous series of actions that feed a state of being. Wishing you deep and lasting LOVE ❤❤❤ Happy Love Day!" Julie shared

Yes Nairobi, that is how you live in a relationship that has the potential to have a happily ever after journey.

So many women in her comment section approved the post that came with those lessons including Neomi Nganga who also wished Julie and her's a happy Valentine's Day.

"Happy valentine gorgeous 😍"