Omosh was trending over the week after he came out to say he is in need of financial assistance.

He was about to be evicted after accumulating rent areas for more than ksh100,000. The news went viral and he got helped from his friends and neighbors.

Yesterday in a video doing rounds, he had an interview with Hiram Maina, where he said he cries every day because of the weight poverty has on him.

Watch the interview below:

This made so many people saddened, including Willy Paul who has constantly been vocal about the mistreatment of the entertainment industry courtesy of the government.

So many people other than Omosh have revealed they are not okay financially, emotionally and mentally.

Taking to social media, Willy Paul cursed out the government saying,

"Kenyan system is so f***kd up!! We have a government that doesn't care about the creative industry.. watu hawana time ya kuhelp industry kazi ni kuponda mali ya uma. f*** this sh*t manze. With the amount of talent installed in Omosh, I don't expect this to be happening to him, but this is Kenya. Karibu Kenya, where art doesn't pay. Where corrupt leaders are given a second chance. Where the maskini's sweat is squandered by the rich. this has to change!! this must change!! let's all come through for Omosh... so sad..." Willy Paul commented on Omosh's situation

We do not know when the narrative will change and such stories will cease to exist, but we hope at least this time, someone in the government has heard.