Kenyans got all dolled up on Valentines day with lovers showing off how they enjoyed special moments with flowers, dinner, and lavish gifts..

Others decided to attend the biggest event thus far in 2021, The Finest, where we had amazing performances from Nikita Kering, Otile Brown, Juma Jux and Samidoh and of course the music was held down by DJ Creme De La Creme.

Things went very smoothly and we must commend the event organizers for an amazing lineup. The set up was amazing and the security team was well organized. Cate and Chris Kirwa did an amazing job.

The VIP setting had seats and tables to cater to the expected number of fans and most people had space to sit and enjoy the show comfortably.

At around 5 pm, the drama happened. Jaguar came in with his boy's club, DK-yes the gospel artiste-, Gabu and others plus of course a few ladies just when Otile Brown was on stage.

As the venue was fully packed, sitting was filled and this is when things took a turn for the worse. It is alleged that  Jaguar's bouncers grabbed a seat from a fan who had stood up to get a better view of the stage performance.

To protest, the fan got into a physical altercation while clinging to his seat as Jaguar and his squad stepped aside and watched it all happen.

The fan won the fight and maintained his seat and as for Jaguar and his team, they stood throughout the event up until people started leaving and the bodyguards could now peacefully take the seats.

Many fans who were around the area were mad at the fact that someone's peace and fun was disturbed for the benefit of the 'mheshimiwa'.

Past that small drama, everything else was okay from the service at the bar, at the food station and the toilets were clean and well maintained.

Samidoh came to end the show in as much as people expected it to be Juma Jux and he killed it. He had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along to his famous Kikuyu hit songs.

Thank God the rain held it together but it was sad that the party had to end early because, well, curfew.

Big shout out to the event organizers and the artistes who tried to give their best in the shortest time possible in as much as people complained they did not give it their all.