Weh! When I grow up I want to have as much money as Diana Marua has to gift my man a car just to appreciate him for loving me.

Yap, babes decided to surprise Bahati with a Mercedes Benz as the final gift during the 14 days to Valentine's Day.

He was so overwhelmed it took him a day to post an emotional message just thank her for loving him despite it all. These two faced a lot of rumors surrounding the state of  their 'marriage'.  From the DNA story to the cheating scandals, but they have not let go of each other.

Taking to social media, Bahati told his babe Diana that


"Babe, Babe , My Baeby... I don't know how to Write this nor Where to Start. You came to My Life and Gave it a Meaning... I Now Know the Meaning of True Love. We have been through alot but you have never given up on Our Dreams. Despite Our Age Difference, you have never Doubted me as the Head of Our Family. Have I told You that You are My Biggest Motivation and My Pacesetter??? Everyday You Try Your Best to Be the Anchor of this Family; Still the Best Mum to Our Kids. You are Simply Irreplaceable. Looking at My Past I was not used to Giftings But Look at What You did.... A MERCEDES BENZ AS VALENTINES GIFT!!! Sweetie This is Too Much!!! Let Me Internalize 😊😊😊 THANK YOU AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU FOR ME ❤ #MIAMOR @DIANA_MARUA."

Diana, who equally loves her man for being an authority in her life responded

"Anything for you My love. I treasure you and thank you for Being A powerful Authority in my life. I don't take that for granted. Love you always @BahatiKenya ❤️❤️❤️."