kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas

There is a worrying trend among Kenyan youth.

According to a survey conducted by the African population and Health Research Centre, girls know far more about sex but boys are far more sexually active.

The survey also shows that boys aged 10 to 15 reported higher levels of sexual activity compared to girls their age.

What was worrying was the fact that most of these boys are having unprotected sex.

According to Jalas, it is the boy child who is responsible for all this and he believes it is 'time for us to mitigate the reality on the ground.'

A few callers called on parents to now start having the sex education talk with their kids and help the avoid falling into a ditch.

One caller said; Being a father to a daughter I have learnt a lot, as much as her mum ako hapo wewe kama baba uko na role ya ku play kwa maisha yake.

Sisi kama wanaume it s high time tuna engage watoto wetu, be open ndio akae akijua.

A female caller said; These parents are not giving these kids sex education, also African people are judgmental so the young people cannot go to the chemist to buy condoms. These kids already know about sex.