suicidal thoughts
suicidal thoughts

Not many people feel free to share about their suicidal thoughts.

Some do fear that they will be judged and not accorded the required assistance they need.

However, slowly by slowly we are seeing organizations coming out to help ease people's burdens by giving them platforms where they open up and have people ready to assist them overcome such thoughts. just did a post where they asked Kenyans to open up on how they coped with suicidal thoughts.

Below are some touching feedbacks;

IamVerah: I had to pray harder. Thinking of being left behind lonely by the only person you love the most that is when my life hit reality. Rip mom. Anyway I turned to God for help so that I can get a chance and bring my mom's dream a reality no doubts or regret that dream is a reality now. #responsiblelastborn #girlpower

DJ Smith: After posting the suicidal thought on my WhatsApp status,,,i can say my friends are the ones helped me to deal with it. And also praying

Elsa: This worst thing that can happen to someone , at my worst I have wished myself death ,but I thank God prayers worked on my side and talking to people ,I avoided being alone

254 girl: Mara mob sana kwanza last year, was sick, broke and lost my job, ndio nikajuwa u last born ni ukiwa young and Nairobi si ya mama ya mtu.

Bamma: Just pray and word of God helps alot

Nyakong mariam: Music and workout 🏋️‍♀️ until pain does not pain anymore

Shee shiro: I became cold ..I figured if I didn't feel I wouldn't hurt I have wall not even I can't break .."if you don't feel it you don't think it"