On Sunday during Valentine's day, Kamene posted a photo chilling with influencer Joe Muchiri, a photo that sparked so many rumors.

Jalang'o did not do much to put out the fires, as he commented below the photo congratulating the two for finding love. 

Jalang'o wrote;

Waaa....Iam very happy for you two! ❤️❤️❤️ You are the best couple I know...God bless your union! Hapa ni mapenzi tu! @joemuchiri I knew you will one day join the family...In kamene youve found true love! Happy Valentines my people!!

As Jalang;o and Kamene were discussing how their Valentine's day was, the topic popped up again and Kamene was put to task to explain how she and Joe Muchiri found themselves wearing matching hoodies.

Jalang'o: How did you guys find yourselves wearing matching clothes?

Kamene: I don't know it happened the same way we find ourselves wearing matching clothes..

Jalang'o; How did you find yourselves in a pink hoodies at 1824? You know you can try to hide these things but love will always manifest itself. You two look good together and I think you are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.

What do you guys think, do the two make the cutest couple in town? Let us know your thoughts.