jalas and kamene
jalas and kamene

In the society we are living in, it is viewed as a weakness when men cry.

But that has led to many men suppressing their emotions which in return leads to many of them succumbing to depression.

But this morning, as a man, Jalang'o encouraged his fellow men to always feel free to cry and let out their emotions.

"It is time men cry, just cry, someone will hear you someone will listen to you. That is why so many suicide cases among men, out of 10 suicidal cases 9 are men." Jalang'o said.

Kamene says as women they try to get emotions out of a man but it has time and again proved to be the most difficult thing to do.

"I remember there was a time was it last year or the year before that, there was a very concerning wave of just men committing suicide.

You know there is what the society dictates of you as a man then there is what you actually need and what you are. I keep on saying men should cry but they won't. It is very hard to get emotions out of a man." Kamene said.

She went on to say that she can't understand the amount of pressure the society can put on a man to a point that he is now conditioned to know that 'you have to suppress your emotions and you actually have those emotions.'

'Why can't you just cry?' Asked Kamene.