For a quite sometime now, women have always insisted that they do have standards which they expect to be matched or upgraded when they settle for a man.

According to Jalang'o, this has seen most of them left frustrated when they end up single, lonely and now desperate to settle for anyone. His sentiments were supported by his fellow men who came out gun blazing.

This conversation was triggered by Kamene who insisted that her standards dictate that his man has to live a better life than her.

Jalang'o said;

Talking about standards, do we even have these standards for example SI units of the some of the men you want.

There are no standards, I have seen chics talk about standards then love catches up with them then when you meet the guy she is dating unashangaa.

He was not done and he was simply scratching the surface.

We should talk about ladies who don't want to be in a relationship or commitment. Valentines was for people who want commitments and men were with people who they see being with beyond valentines.

He said that men have also changed and have said 'we are not dating broke women and they found themselves alone.'

"These women don't have standards, they just settle for bare minimum," said one caller.

Another caller left the presenters speechless with his analysis.

He said; Wasichana sura mbovu wamejua sura hawana so wanajua watakufurahisha kikazi, kimapenzi na kitabia.