Dj Evolve 1
Dj Evolve 1

Mr. John Orinda, DJ Evolve's father says that his son's girlfriend has been by his side taking care of him since he was shot at a night club in January last year.

He said that even though DJ Evolve, whose real name is Felix Orinda has some complications, he has since improved ever since he left the hospital in June, 2020.

"DJ Evolve had introduced me to his girlfriend and even after the shooting incident, she still visits him and takes care of him." Mr. Orinda said in an interview with Massawe Japanni.

His friends have also stood with him through thick and thin and do visit him from time to time.

How did he learn that DJ Evolve was a disc jockey?

I did not know my son is a Disc Jockey, and I don't even have an idea how he learned how to be one. One day he came and told us that he is a qualified DJ and we were surprised given that he took himself through the DJ academy.

How did Mr. Orinda take the news?

First of all I am a Christian and we have all been brought up in a Christian family and since the deejaying career is all about entertainment, I said that everyone has his own talent and you would not know what God has planned for him.

Maybe that is his destiny. So I gave him my blessings to pursue that path.

Check out the clip below of Mr. Orinda's interview on Radio Jambo.