The last few days, everyone has been talking about the importance of men investing in their wives.

It is believed that once you invest in your partner she will take good care of you. However, the big question on Kamene and Jalas this morning was; Would you consider your wife as your business partner?

Kamene says even though her marriage did not work, she is grateful that her hubby would invest with her.

"When I left the country and got married, what I appreciate about my ex hubby is that we were business partners." Said Kamene.

Can you be business partners with the woman you are with? And if your answer is no then I don't know what you are doing."

Here is what Kenyans had to say about it;

"It is very important to empower your woman, you have to sit down with her and organize what is it that you can do?

Most of the ladies don't be that and all they do is ask 'Na huyo ni nani alikutumia hiyo text?"

The Obondo: Peleka mrembo shule if you are in a position to do so, support her ideas financially and even spiritually. But the least she should do is to leave you for another man.

Julius: I Have taught her how to make her own money so that she feels free to stay or leave

Wa Hannah: Akikupa peace of mind give her everything

Barnabas Mweu: No I wouldn't. She can't multiply the money all what she knows is subtraction alone. Expense after expense