Jalang'o and wife, Amina Chao
Jalang'o and wife, Amina Chao
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Celebrated actor, Nick Mutuma revealed that together with his girlfriend,  his girlfriend Bridgid Shighadi have agreed to not do explicit roles on TV screens.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, the 32-year-old producer and director said that he had no issue playing such roles but he can't stand his partner doing the same.

”It’s funny because mimi kama mwanaume acting those roles, ilikuwa sawa. Lakini now imagining my partner anafanya the same thing, kuna hio double standard.” Nick Said.

This definitely got Kamene and Jalang'os attention and they wanted to know whether people allow their relationships to affect their careers.

Jalang'o revealed that his wife had a problem with what came with his job. Women wanting to touch him and take photos with him.

"For me, you are out there MC-ing and people want to take pictures and everything, my job needs a very strong wife." Jalang'o said.

He added,

It got to a point that she saw these people want to be with my hubby they want to take pictures with me and then we started going places together and she even started taking photos of me with fans, and she was even asking them to smile.

Jalang'o also highlighted that everyday he stumbles upon comments from fans who think he is dating with Kamene.

"The hardest thing was me making Lisa as my personal assistant she was like; 'You couldn't find a guy?'  now my wife and my pa are the best of friends." He added.