Every Frida on the morning Kiss, we bring on board superstars to help us usher the weekend in style.

Today we hosted the Young king himself, Arrow Bwoy who blessed his an exclusive world premier of his new jam, 'Fashionista.'

The new jam will be officially launched on all digital platforms on Monday, 22nd February.

As he sat with Kamene and Jalas, Arrow Bwoy just like every other artists saw his big 2020 plans come crumbling down due to Covid-19.

2020 we had planned a US tour then another tour across Europe. There was also an Australian tour in the works as well as a homecoming tour in Kakamega. Corona messed many things but blessings came through.

Does music really pay in the country?

Music pays if you learn how to package yourself well. There are digital platforms where we as artists are making a living from, so if you push your music well then it will surely pay.

Is Arrow Bwoy seeing someone or should ladies keep sliding into his DMs?

I am in a relationship with one woman for a while now, but ladies can still  slide in my DMs with business deals as we move.