Guys know pretty well the importance of having their mom's approval when they are planning to get married.

After introducing our girlfriends or fiance's to our parents it i not automatic that we will end up marrying them, at least not without mama's approval.

Jalas tried to make Kamene understand how important mama's final say is and that is why the ladies have to be in their best behaviors if they need that green light from the future mom in law.

"You know mother's are able to see further than we can and it is very important to take your lady to them so that you can get that stamp of approval." Jalas said.

Narrating how she saw the importance of her mama's approval Kamene said;

"My mother did not like my ex because she thought he was beneath me and I was hard headed. When it ended she was like you'll be sawa."

But what do Kenyans think about mama's approval?

Dislocator: If you can't make peace with mother in law, akikataa amekataa kwani utafanya nini?

Hottrax: It is very important for mothers to like them. As much as we say our mother's have already lived their lives they know what is best for their kids immediately they see your partner.

Ellon King: No, a persons love life doesn't include the parents, if they don't like the gf/bf that's on them.

Dark Side: Avoid them, that is the kind of family that takes back all the wealth you gathered with your man in case he dies. Mother in laws are dangerous.