When Kamene Goro gives her life stories on The Morning Kiss,  there is always an element of 'I can totally relate'.

This morning, she told a personal story on how she chose the wrong guy after dumping the best guy she was in a relationship with.

"My man was worried about this guy and I told him to relax because everything is okay. So this guy starts calling me and katiaing me. I Kamene was quick to get into that box and told my man then that our relationship was not going to work because I wanted something more exciting in my life.

Ghafla bin vu, the excitement and chaos that this other man brought into my life I have never seen. He was confusing me like the way you sieve githeri.  In two months I was just all confused and in a mess.

There was just something about him. " Kamene narrated

Responding to this, Jalas told a story of his friend who experienced the same thing.

"My home boy had the same situation. He was in an amazing relationship living their best lives in Masaai Mara, Coasto just normal love life. The this this other girl came and confused him. He left the other relationship and kumbe he did not know this chic was just there to confuse this man because after the excitement, she left." He said

There are people who are just born to destroy peoples relationships and confuse that person then hey leave. Do you agree?